The Dark Knight Shows Its Violence for Moderation

I think, even Batman, the Dark Knight movie will be three in his fists to the villains, profiteers and terrorists, we can almost be regarded as a revolutionary, he was tired of corrupt regime and low efficiency, using illegal means to uphold justice and the rule of law, but he refused to use guns and kill, which shows its violence for moderation, you can use it very means there’s a limit.

That I know, but I’m not really fashionably smart so I don’t know what to search, when I type shearing trench coat it doesn’t exactly have what I want, I searched Bane coat, I just want one similar, I think it is a good quality coat, and do you think so?

Nolan hopes for the future of the world the good old system , such as representatives of the police , Gordon , conscience capitalists Wayne family , hopes moderate revolution, such as Batman, such as Bane, what Bane mask could have looked like: equally cheesy, but it would’ve covered more of Tom Hardy’s pretty face.

Many years ago in Las Gotham City to destroy the song, so he made the song Gotham City economic crisis, but Thomas Wayne as the representative of the old order, quickly improved, saved the song Gotham City, but it is always better to forget the scars pain, song and quickly became corrupt Gotham City, this time to save Batman outside the system.

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2 Responses to The Dark Knight Shows Its Violence for Moderation

  1. The mask Looks pretty scary

  2. Bane is cool in the movie “Batman The Dark Knight Rise”

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