Batman and Bane between Strength and Wisdom

Batman 3 has two main female characters; one of Batman’s new girlfriends, the other is the female villain, Talia, which is the Nolan version of Batman Begins Liam Neeson that role “Ra’s Al Ghul” daughter. In the comics, Thalia Bruce Wayne as Batman’s lover, but also his enemy, ultimately gave birth to his son.

Film the biggest point is Batman and Bane between the heroes and lean the strength and wisdom of PK.

Batman War Bane

Just look at that a burly muscle Bain know this villain is not fuel-efficient lights , enough to let those little girls Discovering The Dark Knight as Batman really gotten me very nervous . But through the first two episodes of view, Batman deal with this extremely dangerous opponent is not new to the experience before Ninja Master clown strength and received the challenge issued , in the ” Batman : The Dark Knight Rises ,” the rise of the although the road will not smooth, but also rightly believe Batman in this evil game victory.

Banes jacket, Bane replica mask from the dark knight rises is awesome but I can find what the jacket in And I actually recently want to buy a leather jacket like Bane jacket for a Xmas present.

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