Bane Mask Sale Batman the Dark Knight Rises Under the Mask of Order Justice and Volence

Bane Mask Sale Batman the Dark Knight Rises Under the Mask of Order Justice and Volence

Batman: the dark knight rises: under the mask of order, justice, and violent it is the best of times and the worst of times, dickens 1 “I see, will be from the hell in a beautiful city, a group of great people. I see, for the sacrifice of those people, I live a peaceful, valuable, rich and happy life. I see, I am in their hearts, in the heart of their children and grandchildren, from generation to generation, were deified. I did something a lot better than I ever did, far better thing; I’m going to go a lot better than I know, far better rest place.” In the movie “batman: the dark knight rises at the end, the police chief Gordon at batman (Wayne) grave read this passage, asing if is finally wash the stigma of batman in sacrifice before leaving a good predictions or blessing. This passage from the 19th century British novelist Charles Dickens’s a tale of two cities. At the end of the novel, dickens affectionately as “self-sacrifice for love” Sidney caton invented his “prophecy”, repeated “I see…” Contains four. Director Christopher Nolan extracted from the compressed version later, the same deep feeling ground to his hero of the silver screen batman. Hollywood blockbuster “batman: the dark knight rises and literature classic novel” a tale of two cities “is far from ended this relationship. Nolan and his brother admit that (the film’s screenwriter Jonathan Nolan) under the recommended, after he finished reading “a tale of two cities”, “completely in love with it, fully understand the intention of dickens… when I am writing the first draft script, my mind is full of a tale of two cities”. In addition, a tale of two cities is the epic and dramatic affectionate tone at the same time, also Nolan pursues. 2 the story of the dark knight rises to be reversed as the center of Gotham, which describe the judgment of the bottom of the mass for the rich and expulsion, chaotic streets, “the people’s court”… Easily reminiscent, dickens in a tale of two cities in Paris on the French revolution. Except in similar story on the characterization, riots mastermind Miranda peace disorderly hero batman was given the psychological motivation and value of the reference, and a tale of two cities to trey, Germany and France, and other revolutionaries and caton savior as similar shape. Miranda and trey silk wave or participated in by the “revolution” is a strong revenge, difficult to extricate themselves in the hatred, the former because of the father, the latter because sister; While batman and caton always stand on the side of love and self-sacrifice, the former to protect Gotham with bomb explosion, and the latter for perfecting the beloved girl instead of people took to the guillotine. Dickens in a tale of two cities clearly express their position and ideal: he opposes aristocracy persecution for farmers, also opposed revolution after the victory of the people’s dictatorship over the aristocracy; Against both the rulers of violence and violence against the rebels, think of the revolution only crazy and blind hatred, violence can’t solve the fundamental problem that will only cause new disaster. In dickens’s humanitarian ideals, to create a new order need to reason and tolerance, need kindness and love. He hopes to promote human nature

Or, this kind of “love” and “sacrifice” ideology is supported by Nolan to ensure their work flow in the western mainstream culture and gain profits “talisman” signifier “empty” or necessary. 3 in the dark knight rises, batman represents a conservative force, perhaps at first, he is conservative. In the first “batman: the mystery of XiaYing, shadow alliance accept training and Wayne, tried to let him lead the league to destroy high tam, because they believe that there has been thoroughly corrupt, corruption and injustice has penetrated into all aspects of the city, they believe that their own destroy action like in the old testament with sulfur and fire to destroy the Lord fallen city of sodom and gomorrah is justice. Although Wayne parents’ murder at a young age, feel the downfall of the city, but he still think there are still some innocent person, the person I love, deserves his protection, he believes that justice is not equal to revenge and destruction. So, batman is a supplement to the existing order (system), rather than the reverse of the order. Framed by his violence never beyond the order of the legal limit. Batman become ready order has been put up with hope and illusion, those who worship the batman would say to myself: although the system is bad, thanks to batman have to fight for justice, so everything still tolerable. However, if an order of corruption, injustice as part of its inner neither completely knocked down order and justice, is this possible? Like, is to eat egg yolk and do not break the eggshell, is this possible? Obviously, “batman” series of villains master ninja, clowns, bain didn’t have this kind of fantasy. If the clown also remain in play with the evil of human nature, refused to trust any false order, civilization and justice stage, so it is organized, planned to overturn ready order, trying to reinvent the city, he denounced the rich and powerful people, want to restore the power of the people, called on the people “back you on a city’s leadership”, “we not to conquer but to liberate”, “do you want to do”… Unfortunately, Nolan did not ponder, known as the supplement of the existing order to violence and for the birth of the new order, new legitimacy to based the difference between the violence, he finally put the batman and bain is simplified to a meaningful difference between good and evil, the difference between the humanity and against humanity – radical liberator or revolutionaries to change including the simple and possible a “natural” to distinguish the fundamental value of the coordinates and condition. Nolan can’t imagine, in other words, the real radical liberation movement, he consciously or unconsciously in dickens since the value of coordinates, rush to “people power” labeled “crimes against humanity” “terrorist”. We can’t forget that, under the mask of batman is always a rich, beneficiaries of existing order, even a “good” capitalists fund orphanages. Perhaps, batman and his “justice”, it is not fair order maintenance needs its own masks. Nolan sustained “doesn’t order and justice” dream, which makes his film to become a beautiful mask. 4 although Nolan stressed the story were forged in the economic crisis and the “occupation of wall

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