Bane Mask Replica: The Dark Knight 3 No Spoilers

Bane Mask Replica: The Dark Knight 3 No Spoilers

Risk is the friend collective pull black, simply say the first impressions as far as possible. While severe discipline yourself don’t talk about the plot, but if you don’t like me slice before contact with any comments, then please stop here, because it’s comments, have revealed that will make you look forward to. The warning again, can hold on. I had no expectations to the, not looking forward to, also not to wait to see it fail. First, look for a feeling quite catch people’s stories. Nolan’s consistent style, character, more clues, a turning point, trying to add the deeper proposition. Have bugs, but as long as it is, there are bugs have, moreover Nolan especially like ambiguity problem. To be fair, it compared to “the dream” much more clear. Until the end without eggs, I specially to see in the end, the home the husband child widely spread-and deeply felt hungry don’t waver. Second, film, and the performance is very good. The most brilliant (in no particular order) : Caine grandpa “spicy (old), uncle Bale more incarnate (residue), Anne eyebrow in the United States (delicious), jiong cerf (composed) heroic spirit, uncle Oldman gentleman (jade). More than half of story catch a person, is their acting skills to him.

Tom Hardy is a tragedy, so good-looking face from beginning to end is a mask to cover more than half, dissipate, his character’s fate is untidy. I don’t like Marion had, but this is just a personal feeling. Tone down the first two sets, but the first episode is more bright, pure black and the second set of this episode is filled with books and languisheth. Perhaps because of this, some people give a bad review. Entertaining, subject theory, a set of course can’t compare with the second set, but I think this sad sui generis, is the hero of the author, before the old bear’s face strengthened this kind of feeling, but, just this time, I agree with “I love you more now tortured face” this sentence, because of Bruce Wayne, finally from the first set of engaging dudes to selfless hero (sweat). In addition, the show is in a sense of drama, batman’s “super hero” means very little. Tastes have subtle changes in recent years, perhaps like this with classical tragedy culture to deal with a comic book hero already draws to a close, so it caused controversy just released. But I like this story seriously material (of course, I also like the easy processing, as long as well). Recent spider-man if the thrush, “the dark knight” is the only big bald eagles. “Prometheus” if it is loose enchanting nets socks (because it has many holes), “the dark knight” is deliberately do old jeans. Look at the 2 d digital version, welcome friends saw IMAX said it is worth it. Look please try not to have expectations.

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