Congratulations to Our Company Halloween Bane Mask Sales Rank NO.1

Congratulations to Our Company Halloween Bane Mask Sales Rank NO.1

Bane mask, one of 2014 top 10 halloween mask, now have main 2 sellers: rubies and xcoser, each have several listings, and xcoser sales more than rubies, be the sales NO.1 of bane mask!

bane mask xcoser gun metal

Bane mask gun metal color, the most sale is this color!

bane mask xcoser silver

Bane mask silver color, the second most sale color!

Bane, as a super villian in batman, many people loves him, some reasons, the mask is one.

To be bane? you can’t miss to take one of bane mask, or gun metal color, or silver. Actually, full suit of Bane costume we all have made, like the bane vest as follow:

bane vest xcoser

Ever Bane coat as follow:

bane coat xcoser

Ok, i admit this coat’s color isn’t very fit for cosplay bane, too light.

Many people want to get halloween cosplay ideas, i advice bane is a good choice, ever just wear a bane mask, also looks well!

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Bane Mask In a Few Words Grow Dark Knight Memo

Bane Mask In a Few Words Grow Dark Knight Memo

Any film is a collective work of achievement, in addition to the film, participate in the creation of the charm of each process is also full of creativity, this is why I am afraid, the cause of the film art design rally has become more and more popular, with these wonderful designs and work, we appreciate the behind a light work by countless people. The Art and Making of “The Dark Knight Trilogy (The Art and Making of The Dark Knight Trilogy), is undoubtedly The Christopher Nolan and production team, leave a memorandum for The growth of batman, saw a familiar how The DC comics hero is tempered. In The addicted to The vivid and detailed materials information at The same time, people had to admire Nolan and his team work, especially The latest “batman 3: The Rise of The Dark Knight” (” The Dark Knight Rise) set, some of The important basic were to shy away from The book, only after watching The film, will understand this manuscript design, and Nolan team on The work of propaganda of ingenious ways.

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Bane Mask Batman The Dark Knight Rises: I’m Looking Forward To Worth It

Bane Mask Batman The Dark Knight Rises: I’m Looking Forward To Worth It

It is hard to imagine that there will be such a film, can let I endure more than a month to watch movie reviews related to avoid spoilers, can let me 20 days in advance tickets for the premiere of a promising looking makes me very dusty ran more than 100 km to catch the opening… It is really appeared, the batman: the dark knight rises. When the war time (XiaYing mystery) does not interest me much, because since the childhood contact batman comics, movies, Mr Bolton’s version of batman looked at more than 5 times, Joe schumacher even ruin the batman’s signature, he’s batman, also through the television more than once I have ever seen when exposed to batman again, even some of the aesthetic fatigue. At that time I also keen to Hong Kong, also don’t know what Nolan is a character, until the movie channel when translation “batman begins” the hour of the war, I was attracted by movie tone, even if you don’t like “the dark knight” to be reality, but batman corners really caught my attention. 08 summer “the dark knight”, for the introduction on the mainland, drag drag, until the beginning of 09, I didn’t find the hd version, also just at that moment, my heart has been with the No. 1. Presumably TDK in many fans heart occupies a very important position, the outstanding performance of the heath ledger is there for all to see more, I also not much said. Because of the good level, it was too slow to third “prequel” keep my appetite, such as whole after three years of high school.

I have an appointment with a classmate as early as high school, then must watch TDKR, two years before the convention implementation… There is feeling quite catch the premiere of the night, and into the respective university and also don’t know whether this opportunity to look forward to together in the future. Movie didn’t let us down, nearly three hours no urine, but we all feel after watching the TDK that kind of feeling. Don’t want to be friend of spoilers stop there. Should be to catch up on opening up catch a cold, I go home on a cold fever, improved until yesterday, today the body basic recovery, also want to write something, the memory of the movie, the memory of the youth that is far away. TDKR script is still very serious, there is no obvious worthy of scrutiny, coherent, whole logic is smooth, well worth our years of looking forward to. On the plot also undertake part of the first two, but the other two to the movie with before but haven’t seen friends accepted without pressure. As a superhero movies, so dramatic conflicts are excellent.

About a month ago I wrote “private summer classic superheroes 】 a casserole” in also have comments about an earlier version of batman, batman adaptation of the film and television play dates back to the 1940 s, 90 s contributed to a new round of Tim burton batman hot, results for various reasons, the craze not written down by burton, guide to Joe schumacher’s hand, batman is ended… To restart the war time, for the past eight years. “Batman begins” makes sense, before the target until the end of the TDKR, Robin did not appear, that also means that this new trilogy set up before Robin become Batman’s partner, called a prequel is not too much. Until TDKR story, from the end of the TDK has in the past eight years, then known as the “prequel” is inappropriate, and a rare with the introduction of the “batman: the dark knight rises translation, at least, than I” night uprising “god, I feel or the name appropriate. The level of the film is relatively clear, simply can be expressed as: the rise and fall to rise again, the ending (which was? Not necessarily), compared with the same “the dark knight” that kind of carefree, the ups and downs in the plot twists of is another kind of feeling. Before, to learn then I expect that the villain is bain plot, probably in the cartoon batman has been bain broken spine caused hemiplegia, so rich dramatic plot not moved but not in the movie.

For cat woman set is not the boss that fierce life setting, one is a pretty female thief, tight shirt, “” cat ears down but it is the design of goggles fits the catwoman in the cartoon image. Finally catwoman serena and Wayne together, is happy. Flying bats, turn cool bat motorcycle became to watch movie special effects, in addition to read the special effects are limited to explosion, Nolan, after all, is the director of a storytelling, unlike Michael bay’s special packing. To see batman and bain melee, is to fall into the meat, but much as look at a variety of martial arts, action, martial arts films of the domestic audience, I was watching the fighting scenes in the batman is very real, typing is really works, not in the domestic leading role playing the undead, a dozen ten batman still have to use weapons, but also because such a real, Nolan’s version of batman legend and exaggerated in the cartoon. In larger Wayne’s inner change, combined with vocal music, enough to give the audience left a deep impression, I went with a friend because of leakage for a lens, in the end still remember deep well by the prisoners in prison… The end finally the reversal of the plot and the application of montage is Nolan’s beyond all but this reversal of bedding too obvious, Wayne trapped cage told a little kid flee the scene, also learned that the prison doctor along with all the offended bain, make it leave the mask on the face, Wayne with listening may imperceptibly, but the camera sold bain’s identity in the movie, if bain youth escape, how can become adult put the mask on injured in prison? Facilities set in the movie is guide the audience to take the child as bain, but the camera flash, I have already found bain or have help, or simply flip a fiend, just didn’t think master ninja child is a girl, Miranda is…

Result set is quite satisfactory, Batman received reverence for all the citizens of Gotham, Wayne not dead was in Barcelona and serena, Joseph became Robin, Robin into the bat cave finally, be inherited the mantle of Batman? Familiar with batman’s friends should be able to think of, several generations of Robin is always appear as batman’s assistant, the first generation of Robin came to bat cave, batman is secluded mountain forest? The ending too big imagination space to the audience. Some people like a little dark ending, the last Wayne and serena a glimpse as nosering, fantasy, think batman really attainment; Some slightly optimistic, think batman seclusion, Robin inheritance hero will… For me, more optimistic, batman will never disappear, Robin came also, justice league has been on the agenda, undertake Nolan version or new restart, batman will also appear on the screen, then is what situation, are also worth waiting for.

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Bane Mask Sale Batman the Dark Knight Rises Under the Mask of Order Justice and Volence

Bane Mask Sale Batman the Dark Knight Rises Under the Mask of Order Justice and Volence

Batman: the dark knight rises: under the mask of order, justice, and violent it is the best of times and the worst of times, dickens 1 “I see, will be from the hell in a beautiful city, a group of great people. I see, for the sacrifice of those people, I live a peaceful, valuable, rich and happy life. I see, I am in their hearts, in the heart of their children and grandchildren, from generation to generation, were deified. I did something a lot better than I ever did, far better thing; I’m going to go a lot better than I know, far better rest place.” In the movie “batman: the dark knight rises at the end, the police chief Gordon at batman (Wayne) grave read this passage, asing if is finally wash the stigma of batman in sacrifice before leaving a good predictions or blessing. This passage from the 19th century British novelist Charles Dickens’s a tale of two cities. At the end of the novel, dickens affectionately as “self-sacrifice for love” Sidney caton invented his “prophecy”, repeated “I see…” Contains four. Director Christopher Nolan extracted from the compressed version later, the same deep feeling ground to his hero of the silver screen batman. Hollywood blockbuster “batman: the dark knight rises and literature classic novel” a tale of two cities “is far from ended this relationship. Nolan and his brother admit that (the film’s screenwriter Jonathan Nolan) under the recommended, after he finished reading “a tale of two cities”, “completely in love with it, fully understand the intention of dickens… when I am writing the first draft script, my mind is full of a tale of two cities”. In addition, a tale of two cities is the epic and dramatic affectionate tone at the same time, also Nolan pursues. 2 the story of the dark knight rises to be reversed as the center of Gotham, which describe the judgment of the bottom of the mass for the rich and expulsion, chaotic streets, “the people’s court”… Easily reminiscent, dickens in a tale of two cities in Paris on the French revolution. Except in similar story on the characterization, riots mastermind Miranda peace disorderly hero batman was given the psychological motivation and value of the reference, and a tale of two cities to trey, Germany and France, and other revolutionaries and caton savior as similar shape. Miranda and trey silk wave or participated in by the “revolution” is a strong revenge, difficult to extricate themselves in the hatred, the former because of the father, the latter because sister; While batman and caton always stand on the side of love and self-sacrifice, the former to protect Gotham with bomb explosion, and the latter for perfecting the beloved girl instead of people took to the guillotine. Dickens in a tale of two cities clearly express their position and ideal: he opposes aristocracy persecution for farmers, also opposed revolution after the victory of the people’s dictatorship over the aristocracy; Against both the rulers of violence and violence against the rebels, think of the revolution only crazy and blind hatred, violence can’t solve the fundamental problem that will only cause new disaster. In dickens’s humanitarian ideals, to create a new order need to reason and tolerance, need kindness and love. He hopes to promote human nature

Or, this kind of “love” and “sacrifice” ideology is supported by Nolan to ensure their work flow in the western mainstream culture and gain profits “talisman” signifier “empty” or necessary. 3 in the dark knight rises, batman represents a conservative force, perhaps at first, he is conservative. In the first “batman: the mystery of XiaYing, shadow alliance accept training and Wayne, tried to let him lead the league to destroy high tam, because they believe that there has been thoroughly corrupt, corruption and injustice has penetrated into all aspects of the city, they believe that their own destroy action like in the old testament with sulfur and fire to destroy the Lord fallen city of sodom and gomorrah is justice. Although Wayne parents’ murder at a young age, feel the downfall of the city, but he still think there are still some innocent person, the person I love, deserves his protection, he believes that justice is not equal to revenge and destruction. So, batman is a supplement to the existing order (system), rather than the reverse of the order. Framed by his violence never beyond the order of the legal limit. Batman become ready order has been put up with hope and illusion, those who worship the batman would say to myself: although the system is bad, thanks to batman have to fight for justice, so everything still tolerable. However, if an order of corruption, injustice as part of its inner neither completely knocked down order and justice, is this possible? Like, is to eat egg yolk and do not break the eggshell, is this possible? Obviously, “batman” series of villains master ninja, clowns, bain didn’t have this kind of fantasy. If the clown also remain in play with the evil of human nature, refused to trust any false order, civilization and justice stage, so it is organized, planned to overturn ready order, trying to reinvent the city, he denounced the rich and powerful people, want to restore the power of the people, called on the people “back you on a city’s leadership”, “we not to conquer but to liberate”, “do you want to do”… Unfortunately, Nolan did not ponder, known as the supplement of the existing order to violence and for the birth of the new order, new legitimacy to based the difference between the violence, he finally put the batman and bain is simplified to a meaningful difference between good and evil, the difference between the humanity and against humanity – radical liberator or revolutionaries to change including the simple and possible a “natural” to distinguish the fundamental value of the coordinates and condition. Nolan can’t imagine, in other words, the real radical liberation movement, he consciously or unconsciously in dickens since the value of coordinates, rush to “people power” labeled “crimes against humanity” “terrorist”. We can’t forget that, under the mask of batman is always a rich, beneficiaries of existing order, even a “good” capitalists fund orphanages. Perhaps, batman and his “justice”, it is not fair order maintenance needs its own masks. Nolan sustained “doesn’t order and justice” dream, which makes his film to become a beautiful mask. 4 although Nolan stressed the story were forged in the economic crisis and the “occupation of wall

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Bane Mask Replica: The Dark Knight 3 No Spoilers

Bane Mask Replica: The Dark Knight 3 No Spoilers

Risk is the friend collective pull black, simply say the first impressions as far as possible. While severe discipline yourself don’t talk about the plot, but if you don’t like me slice before contact with any comments, then please stop here, because it’s comments, have revealed that will make you look forward to. The warning again, can hold on. I had no expectations to the, not looking forward to, also not to wait to see it fail. First, look for a feeling quite catch people’s stories. Nolan’s consistent style, character, more clues, a turning point, trying to add the deeper proposition. Have bugs, but as long as it is, there are bugs have, moreover Nolan especially like ambiguity problem. To be fair, it compared to “the dream” much more clear. Until the end without eggs, I specially to see in the end, the home the husband child widely spread-and deeply felt hungry don’t waver. Second, film, and the performance is very good. The most brilliant (in no particular order) : Caine grandpa “spicy (old), uncle Bale more incarnate (residue), Anne eyebrow in the United States (delicious), jiong cerf (composed) heroic spirit, uncle Oldman gentleman (jade). More than half of story catch a person, is their acting skills to him.

Tom Hardy is a tragedy, so good-looking face from beginning to end is a mask to cover more than half, dissipate, his character’s fate is untidy. I don’t like Marion had, but this is just a personal feeling. Tone down the first two sets, but the first episode is more bright, pure black and the second set of this episode is filled with books and languisheth. Perhaps because of this, some people give a bad review. Entertaining, subject theory, a set of course can’t compare with the second set, but I think this sad sui generis, is the hero of the author, before the old bear’s face strengthened this kind of feeling, but, just this time, I agree with “I love you more now tortured face” this sentence, because of Bruce Wayne, finally from the first set of engaging dudes to selfless hero (sweat). In addition, the show is in a sense of drama, batman’s “super hero” means very little. Tastes have subtle changes in recent years, perhaps like this with classical tragedy culture to deal with a comic book hero already draws to a close, so it caused controversy just released. But I like this story seriously material (of course, I also like the easy processing, as long as well). Recent spider-man if the thrush, “the dark knight” is the only big bald eagles. “Prometheus” if it is loose enchanting nets socks (because it has many holes), “the dark knight” is deliberately do old jeans. Look at the 2 d digital version, welcome friends saw IMAX said it is worth it. Look please try not to have expectations.

2014 Halloween is coming, halloween ideas? star lord mask and groot mask is good choice!

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Bane Mask: The Dark Knight Rise Slice Mentality Decided to Pleasure

Bane Mask: The Dark Knight Rise Slice Mentality Decided to Pleasure

Think Nolan’s three fans of batman is the godfather of the era, as the inception bow down to Nolan IQ person also many, if looking leads the word is true, the world will be more than several hundred million head wait TDKR giraffe, especially no pleasure into theaters to watch the TDK mainland fans. In the face of a this year’s most high-profile blockbusters, the most sorrowful is seriously the ticket but can’t see somebody else’s mouth. To blogger, don’t listen to what “is a masterpiece of god”, “depressing” for up to one hour, “the dog blood the last ten minutes,” the review again for the first two sets, easy to slice and thickness are choking feeling, style and serious dark colour, alluding to the financial crisis under the class contradictions, Wayne’s pain and fear, sacrifice and save more moving, and if it is series fans, end of harmony and the return of the echo is enough to complete a nose acid. If you define a superhero that Nolan is reality and burn synonymous with brain, and complain about TDKR in the scene, creative and leave a conversation not as crazy as TDK, injection and sublimation of emotion is enough to make up for. Moral reality again also could not escape deep superhero commercial category, everyone is a hero of the mainstream values need to believe that it is good.

Nolan film for bloggers, is the significance of the inception before never value on a movie ticket, see TDK never thought before going to see a movie with a serious and mature attitude, didn’t also obsessed with line of narrative too much. The dark knight trilogy close contact with reality is truly sent back, his personal style completely changed the fans on the super hero will young joy concept, superhero reality into him to win the world the most powerful director trust capital. As to worship IMAX abandon bad 3 d, with highly interactive of viral marketing, Nolan’s standard is to measure whether “the movie is confident commercial” not two benchmark. Nolan in a series of visual feast and mind to prove their knowledgeable, finished product deeply reflects the director the outline of the effect of the brain. Nolan’s many professional or after writing a play of film critics like to use words such as “cold” dark, generation of spiritual totem by his dark cold paint finish.

Nolan for more than an hour before using the matting batman’s decline has profound meaning. Died because of Heath demon possessed the acting and TDK raises the wonders of the narrative in the clown, the audience has blurred the Heath of the real world with the film, batman and Joker main difficult points. Or the end of the hero trying to stand up from failure, the sacrifice of self and the theme of the mainstream values inspire the sense of justice, but batman was a veteran of the mental body of tribulation, ultimate BeiZhuangGan arises spontaneously. The beginning of a comic strip, government corruption, anarchy and extremism has been accompanied by Gotham, TDKR and cultivating out class contradictions, although hyperbole is in the middle of the status quo, the veterans to save is a good and evil city upside down, the heart rebellion to an unprecedented height. Face that read, “I am a mystery” of stopping cerf and dia, good and evil one catwoman, bain squeezed his eyebrow, and soy sauce scarecrow, Wayne to cope with more ruthless enemy. These weren’t enough, wellhead prison seems to be dying hero appreciate their city destroyed while die live the coffin. Everything is ready, just waiting for a hero under its mountains rise again. Conclusion must return to give priority to with batman’s dramatic narrative. As for piece of batman fearless sacrifice again at the end of the behavior and the replacement of the protagonists war, personally think that can avoid the traditional curtain call of the group of high mould have been rare, Nolan TDK, after all over, and sometimes the fans need to be a complete replacement. Nolan for ending left alive, which has a new idea “ecomax” people dare to Nolan sticks have to continue this series.

Performance, Nolan’s realism, of course, need to remove exaggeration, overly dramatic catwoman, but hathaway enchanting sexy catwoman identity, no predecessors that night cat characteristics, opposite independence and the milk of human kindness. Didn’t even mention the word “Catwoman in the film, if you want to put the TDKR selena and Catwoman, cunning and mysterious characteristics of selfishness is elegant and sexy really similar to the cat. Saw before one hour before “selena is seasoning and existence”, personally think that there is no one hour before loose problem, don’t need which role to regulate, and selena from as bain pistol bullet to turn over a new leaf on free will and behavior, is one of the most complete three roles TDKR, hathaway was lucky enough to occupy a large play space, mysterious cold selfish and later the human struggle are excellent. Rise while waiting for the same paragraph there is a lot of play space batman master Wayne, Christian bale, did not see He Changjin with acting, there also have bloggers have been factors for bear don’t catch a cold.

With the impact and the Joker is indeed some gap, because he is not… (don’t say no spoilers), TDK read the most is the role of the Joker and it is also a TDKR seems less TDK evocative reason like that. Have seen the film have to say that Tom hardy is doing his best, the whole face is blocked by two-thirds, by flirt can achieve the result that now is not easy, soup and old wet eyes control abnormal precision, vicious rogue anger and grief at the end of the piece is wonderful, in can’t use expressions to convey feelings limit to complete the task well. As for the problem of sound was crazy vomit slot, personal feel not weaken character charm, but help its aura contributed to terror, soup and old wet in the paragraph on the pitch to citizen propaganda appropriate hissing sound, is a delicate watch TDK spooked Heath feeling is back. Soup old wet to play the bain has a lot of fat, but with batman melee is not very good, believe in Nolan and film design professional considerations. Remember the clown is to rely on too many things to see amazing plot layout, the layout of the bain focused on several big scene, two twins villain’s plot is like learning to walk, eldest brother learn to parents very happy, old two go up little surprise. Two new original roles, said Marion cotillard spoiler not easily, see the performance alone, though this role is a complex but not many can play scenes, shadow play is a piece of cake later. Town, by the same token, the role of identity has a surprise but show no surprise. Gordon, the half lying on the bed half sets in the coaster cardiac life, like freeman old fox grandpa flooded make people love dearly. See Alfred to Wayne a play my eyes could not help but cry sweat, on the one hand, to plot, more important is the next time you see the three old guys gather together into a film qualifications. Finish see TDKR inner sweet feeling get the upper hand, Wayne logistics were trio has great credit. As the judge the scarecrow, appear in the photos of eckhart, even a glimpse of uncle across time and space, have to exclamation Nolan really too good, to the fans the last episode the collections of the whole, for Heath sorry again, if he will come back in the clown must also… (ㄒ o ㄒ)

The greatest movie soundtrack master Hans Zimmer, one of the TDK Nolan trilogy progressed, he several times cooperation with Nolan hear today don’t recognize innovation and surprise, but he is still indispensable guiding light to lead the audience into the Nolan dark world, and even lay film tone is likely to affect Nolan. Electronic music playing from Zimmer is popular movie soundtrack master a walk in the front, from the first episode begins with double notes manufacturing suspense atmosphere effect is surprisingly good, the later TDK, inception to the TDKR all use the restless noise extremely exciting mode, are worried that a heart attack while could not help but to listen, stimulates adrenalin does not lose the superhero atmosphere at the same time, the less the other a soundtrack master James Newton Howard assisted, crisis oppressive feeling of heaviness without “.

Mask for sale: Groot Mask sales on amazon and cosmask

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Super Hero’s Three State Batman

Super Hero’s Three State Batman
Any of all the super heroes, there are “prick silk by superpowers, Grosvenor LTD handsome with gear” tradition, they were doing the defend, encouraging people to live. And superhero theme constantly since the advent of the big screen, set off a climax in recent years, their role is not only to provide a steady stream of decaying market vitality, but also proves that the present social demands for heroes of hunger, meet the hero dream of a mass. In the diffuse Settings and world view, is a super hero in the real world of beautiful vision, an almost utopian exist, no matter any hero, once considered him to get the real world, is doomed to be unable to blend in. This problem Nolan was discussed in his batman, even if the person is a billionaire, has all the super heroes behind the support, but the hardware package software will not be able to upgrade, so the hero can only exist in people’s imagination, or there is in a dilemma. Everyone has a heroic dream in the heart, has a hero save the United States, save the country in distress, and people in the dream, is the dream or ideal is hidden in the deep heart’s core, was frozen by the cold world. From the ancient Chinese knight-errant, keen to today’s society, can be called a hero, they all like iron man, spider-man, fighting against the forces of darkness, and never compromise. When it is “no man is a hero, make digital fame”, that makes some unknown grassroots began to rise, but the hero need what kind of ability, the height of the need to do what? The following Nolan’s batman trilogy, for example, analysis of the three heroes. Hour of war ability (force, mind, equipment)

Should say ability is all heroes at the very least need, whether it is a sharp fist kept flying into the super ability, are fighting against the hostile forces of the body. Bruce Wayne to join Wu Ying alliance, practice the fighting capacity of people, by the company of their own research and development, to build their own high-tech weapons, these are common for his SuTi provides to upgrade and strengthen, of course the most important thing is that the hero requires a witty people’s mind and keeping calm personality, these common created a night for fear of the dark forces of a symbol – batman. Ability is necessary to become a super hero, the ability to both the gear and the ultra ability, have a kind of force on the basis of superhuman, this also has to the tradition of hero image. But light force is not enough, those working in liangshan is not a hero, the biggest reason is its political composition is not clean, because the super heroes have to get official recognition, at least to get the support of the masses, after all, they are on the verge of legal ethics, making reasonable illegal police affairs. So only when the sung river harness, batman to positive, all in the name of civil servants, to justify “serve the people”. Heroes do not ask the source, whether a newspaper reporter, high school students, or the big local tyrants, critical moment always has become the brightest star in the night sky in the city. The hero of the most basic ability, embodies in actual combat is against the darkness, to defend the city, and save the nation, all at the same time, the movie hero to the victory of justice over evil beautiful scenes, this is also the hero theme is the development of a bottleneck, so the hero under the powerful ability of self expansion, enjoying the party and the people love, doing the work of a savior, they pull breeze run in each a dangerous zone, any powerful opponent can find chances to win, any dangerous environment can hook. In the war time, it is Bruce Wayne beat his teacher, to protect the safety of gao sen city. This is the kind of hero is the most traditional pattern, it is a kind of typical ability, the greater the responsibility. Until Nolan “the dark knight”, broke the tradition of our familiar heroes. “The dark knight” bear (compromise, concession, tolerance)

Are batman than urban management by spectrum, it is because he can open business in a fair, but the fact proved that light is not enough of a fist, as this year “steel” villain to superman says: you can’t win, every time you save a person, we will kill 1 million people. Super hero’s responsibility is to protect the city, and to protect the life and property safety of mankind, if someone because of their sacrifice in vain, then hero has failed. “The dark knight” is great, is that it changed the law to remain constant, not in the same hero heroic or saving the world, but through a kind of compromise to achieve world peace, how ability is no longer a measure of the super hero, instead of how much is the heart can hold. Bruce Wayne is ordinary SuTi, his ability is too limited, also realized that only by force and mind their own local tyrants identity even can’t make an entire city security, so when the clown this villain, he only after can find another way out. It should be said that “the dark knight,” batman is the core, the clown let the story fascinating, but double talents is to make the movie the nods eyeball pen of sublimation. Harvey dent is one of the traditional hero, he is similar to the Rorschach in the rye, are all eyes will be sand, sworn to fight with the evil forces of guy, so Bruce is discussed in the film. Wayne and Harvey dent the possibility of the two heroes. Hero need is resilient, humiliation, for a city security, even need to bear the unwarranted guilt, even with all the blame, even if victory is built on lies, even from his own principle against their original intention, so batman can undertake any ordinary person can’t bear, this is the hero and the biggest difference. It should be said that the super hero direction is never had before, also demonstrated the hero is not everything. There’s mastercard &visa victory is sometimes need to bear huge losses. When a hero to defend their countries in their own ability to complete, can only be on compromise and bear the losing and repeated round victory lies, DC another hero theme “in the rye is also the theme. See batman the dark society and hopeless, but valuable is not like double-sided people choose to give up, this is the hero of boldness and helpless. “The great man in the world, is that to see the world, but still choose to love people”. Hero must not only be brave and courageous, invincible, but also to be inclusive, 7). The dark knight rises totem (spirit, faith, hope,)

If the super hero has unparalleled capabilities, have inclusive of measurement, then he will eventually in a hero on the path of a legend, but never get officials and populace’s affirmation, will only in drifting away in the dark road. Nolan knows “the dark knight” has touched on the bottom of the super hero, felt the hero the ability of the bottom line, but if there is potential to dig out? Super hero can also have what ordinary people beyond the reach of elements? Although the clown appeared completely broke the original batman all logic, drove the super hero with all sorts of lies to take the blame, but ultimately not against their ultimate principles of homicide. In the dark knight rises, any ability and compromise, in front of the brutal big break the bottleneck of violence with violence is the only way. In order to save the city, batman to kill people, even in the daytime, can not consider all of the so-called principle, this can be called hero paragraph compromises the continuation of the second order, but hero is the ultimate power of these? The film’s RISE is only refers to the batman into killing machines? Nolan in seemingly without a way out to find a perfect way, finally let batman sublimation again, make the whole theme of superhero material for promotion, become a city totem! And ability or bear completely different, whatever the hero has the ability to strong again, never have no corner to protect the city, a person will never be able to complete the task of dealing with the power of the dark, so batman this image to be imprinted in gao sen, become a kind of spirit, inspires ghosn citizens all the time, also let people feel the presence of hope, let everyone has a determination to fight evil forces, the model of the form a universal. Season finale of “the dark knight rises not only sublimate the batman’s image, also with save under the threat of the city to get the name. Who is under the mask is not important, everyone can become a batman, it have some similarities with the “V for vendetta”, also named after the whole series, the main idea of the meaning of the hero got RISE, each to the RISE of a citizen, everyone affected by the batman can become a hero, only if all the citizens of all RISE, the whole city RISE, can thoroughly smash the evil forces. Batman’s body no longer exists, but the soul has been deeply integrated into the city, become a kind of motivation and incentives, he affected everyone, let everyone be a hero, this is the biggest hero, hero is the sublimation of significance.

From a patron saint of the city, to don’t need a patron saint of the city, and finally to everybody is the patron saint of the city, the progress of the whole city is also a great sublimation, Nolan’s three jumpers become a super hero is difficult to reach a peak in the history. The war time, batman this natural umbrella, the masses can unbridled, can dark degraded; “The dark knight” is the best ghosn said no batman ghosn city city, not batman city no crime; The dark knight rises that citizens in the city and there is still room for improvement, let everybody became the patron saint of the city, since then the sublimation of the whole city and everyone in order to be the whole story has an end. This is the meaning of the hero, from the ability to bear, to become a totem, step by step towards the real heroes, while infection everyone become heroes. Superhero theme of basic it stop at the first level, at most be tasted to go deep into the hero inside of struggle and pain, as a result, Nolan’s batman trilogy hero complete explanation, its significance lies not in the ups and downs of the plot, phenomenal characters, but the insight into the souls of the hero inside, tell the world what is a hero. From another perspective, there is no hero, the nearly perfect hero don’t deserve what we have, of course, there is no such a perfect hero. Nolan put a comic hero of one to one in the real world, only his own, or everybody all person’s wishful thinking, produce all kinds of contradictions and the place is a sigh of the society.

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Catherine, the third chapter of Halo 4, can be downed by Xbox Live

Catherine, the third chapter of Halo 4, can be downed by Xbox Live

Recently Industries issued the third free DLC of Halo 4. For the third chapter of Spartan Ops, it named Catherine. Players now can down it by Xbox Live.

The Spartan who is created by players, can complete tasks by himself or cooperates with his friends. The battle plot throughout the whole 10 chapters and each group has 5 team work tasks. In the third chapter of Spartan Ops, the sailors have to know a destructive alien relic. So, they seek assist to Doctor Catherine Halsey, the founder of Spartan program. Fireteam Majestic must search a lot of information from the enemy for helping Dt. Catherine Halsey’s research.

Moreover, recently 343 updated the multi-person completion model of Halo 4. Now the war game list includes sniper group and slayer group.

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Bane Mask Replica: Something about the Batman Trilogy

Bane Mask Replica: Something about the Batman Trilogy

That Hans Zimmer soundtrack mixed with chanting tone, fuzzy feeling when playing Catwoman paradox that music, I still remember; opening film plane crashed eight minutes of air-ground battle with the end of the street, less than the previous two more majestic location restrictions, epic feeling full.

Bane mask replica

Faced with CIA provocation and mocking, Bain kneeling on the ground, but calm replied: “Blow up the plane” Then, a close and careful arrangement of kidnapping plan begins, an IMAX visual feast also saw big pull curtain.

Batman stands at the highest point of Gotham City, far from looking at every move from the dark city. This scene from the picture in terms of composition and shooting techniques already is the darling of the. If Nolan in “The Dark Knight,” the idea of the dark side of social depravity and thorough talk, then “The Dark Knight Rises”, the eternal hope and rebirth will creed was presented to the audience perfectly. When Wayne abjection with responsibility and hope to climb out from the patio, we do not recall that he bowed his head in despair, staring at the ruins after fire, mourn death of love, feeling frustrated;

Bane mask replica

When the credits screen fixed in the master compliments with a smile full of happiness, warmth brilliant spring sunshine, we do not see the last Dark Knight in silence disappeared during the long night, burdened with charges and from the War

“Nolan with a grand and almost completely satisfactory masterpiece ended his Batman movie trilogy of all, give a sense of epic: Angle, special effects, emotional – and even quite a few mistakes. “” The Boston Globe “commented. But the film as an independent film, or more or less there are some problems. Before the end of the first part in Wayne clash with the Ninja Master at the banquet, the second part in a two-boat humanity more as the representative of the classic game scenes, these are good at using Nolan personality conflicts and ideological contradictions between people promote orgasm, but can be weakened to the third part of which tension: Female Ninja Master of the sudden reversal, the villain Bane and the public’s sense of presence Gotham significantly reduced, similar to the Cultural Revolution of the class struggle Ruoyouruowu. Grand war scenes action last just turned into a rare lack of creativity and downs of the standard commercial lines, even if the subsequent emergence of remembrance of the dead, full of blood resurrection, Robin appeared little pathos fast-paced mosaic, but always felt that there is so little rote meaning there. Nolan’s film than in the past, maybe this time is there the slightest mistake, but this does not affect the right, perhaps out of three different ideas because of it? • Jonathan Nolan had the concept for the series final back and forth context done: “We use three different themes to lead these roles through a journey.” Challenges of the Dark Knight “is: ‘how can we do next? We want to how to make the next film more attractive ‘for me, the answer is more ambitious, and more darkness? -. Efforts in this direction so “the Dark Knight Rises” has become an epic disaster film we expect to have this sentimental seize the audience’s heart. ”

Bane mask replica

A classic image of Heath Ledger life • Batman rival interpretations corner – Joker (The Joker), the classic of its glory to its perfect now seems no need to dwell on the already. But who would have thought, a role superhero movie, actually all men can sweep awards season with awards?

Clown is only a movie role that you can trust, because he never lied, he will forever firmly consistent. Moreover, he felt obscurity had no beauty of life, too. In the film, the clown appeared other music must be low three bats, becoming quiet, no way, because this role on behalf of the music is like that. But as long as you hear the first note, you’ll realize that, ah, clown appearances. In fact, I really just want to use a note to represent this character. I’ve always had this idea, not complex music; use emotionally charged notes to represent this role happen? I give this simple form given how strong emotion? “Always in the action movie soundtrack, has an own personal style -” majestic compact and mature calm “soundtrack • Master Hans Zimmer explained in an interview, said.

Bane mask replica

All we know that Watch Dogs is an awesome game this year, and we could see many people cosplay the characters in the game. By the way, the animal masks and scary masks are very suitable for Halloween.

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Bane Mask Replica: The Characters in TDKR

Bane Mask Replica: The Characters in TDKR

TDKR important role in analyzing the story in TDKR shooting when we already know the stars TDKR full sense of the meta-Yeah, all kinds of Oscar-level star to join a huge lineup of very bright, and according to TDKR chip length and content point of view, indeed can only put so many outstanding performances by the actors, really shocking …… Here to talk about these roles:

Bane mask

1, Bruce Wayne (Batman) (played by Christian Bale) targeted at Bell played Batman, we do not need to say, in the history of the best Batman; acting for Bell, it is needless to say, take a look at Bell many classic plays will know …… but TDKR of Bruce Wayne is a good continuation after TDK, but have to say yes, Wayne autistic eight years seems exaggerated, when the blues lost their parents when there is no Yeah autistic eight years, not to mention the death of parents have experienced the pain of the death of Rachel Dawes brought should not be such a pain, but the movie is set so that we can only really be understood as autumn to pole, so that the old housekeeper Alfred tell the truth when it is angry and the old housekeeper parted ways …… Well …… no doubt, in the whole series of films in the legendary dark Knight, Bruce Wayne is a tragic figure, unfortunately, and the pain is always accompanied him, of course, but also with his own personality related, like the old housekeeper to say: Bruce should never have come back, would be better off outside Gotham City blues, only to Gotham City Bruce brings misfortune…… Bruce’s insistence to his ultimate ideal – to save Gotham City, at all costs, or even all of their wealth and life, and this time be in a sense he did ……

Bane mask

2, Bane (played by Tom Hardy) in TDKR in Bane as the main villain, just before the global release someone say: He is a pure villain! Bane did not like the clown in order to make the whole world more crazy, Bane only one purpose – to destroy Gotham City, either physically or mentally. As Bane why you want to do, it is because Las Allah Gul was his teacher, he was also a human shadow alliance, although Las Allah Gul later expelled for some reason, but Las Allah Gul’s death , Bane for some reason the new shadow led coalition killed back …… in fact, to take the mask Bane Why is TDKR dark line of the story, because in the end you just have to understand why the masked Bane basically fully understand the ins and outs of the whole story cause and effect. Bane wearing a mask, the more powerful, but also shrewd wisdom, murderous, indeed a pure villain, he came to Gotham City is to kill, no other additional purposes, although he did also instigated by others …… talk about Tom Hardy’s performance, when it comes to this, and Heath Ledger would inevitably compared. On single acting, the Heath Ledger’s performance is the level of God, no one can match; fact, such a comparison for Tom Hardy is extremely unfair, first Bane this role with a mask, cannot pass changes in expression to interpret roles, only to express a variety of emotions and tendencies Bane this role through body language and speech, and to some extent this difficulty as much as Heath Ledger’s Joker; and Tom Hardy’s performance has been good enough, because the role itself limits we cannot ask him clown played by Bane reached that level. If you would expect Bane before viewing beyond the clown, I’m sorry, you can only say that expectations are too high ……

Bane mask

3, Catwoman (played by Anne Hathaway) I personally like TDKR in image, in fact, before the global release from the message acquired already know, Catwoman’s image more as close to the comic book image. took my sister (played by Zhu Poole) came from the bottom of society, life is hard but also humiliation, so Selena only learn some special skills to be able to survive in Gotham City, but she eventually not only learn a martial arts but also the most adept stunt – stealing. To some extent Catwoman is not a purely female cat burglar, but a righteous thief, she never steal the bottom of the ordinary civilians and social man, the object of her choice basically like the kind of person Bruce Wayne …… because of Catwoman from the bottom of society, so she well aware of the hardship of people’s lives, to some extent deepened her for Gotham City elite (financial capitalists and elite regime) of disgust and hatred, she will beat evil financial capitalists will kidnap members of Congress. So what Catwoman is a villain? Maybe she is just the beginning because she hated Gotham City, hatred Gotham City’s financial capitalist class, until she saw Bane called Batman as “Mr. Wei En” …… have to admit that Anne Hathaway Cat woman is TDKR played many roles in the biggest bright spot, Princess Anne Princess Anne are still that, but it is a different Catwoman Catwoman, Princess Anne has put the role of Catwoman’s origin, growth, emotional and psychological struggles have been interpreted to be impeccable, and perhaps people take Catwoman to compare past, I can only say: Princess Anne watched Catwoman, you will quickly forget those who Catwoman ……

Except Watch Dogs mask, maybe you will be interested in the scary masks and all kinds of animal masks. It’s cool to wear them in Halloween.

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