Batman Bane Mask

New Version Mask  VS  Old Version Mask
bane mask replica
bane mask replica
bane mask replica
bane mask replica
New Version Mask  VS  Old Version Mas
New Batman the Dark Knight Rises Bane Mask
  • High level latex material
  • Full adult size, flexible design
  • Increase mouth space
  • Increase holes, good to breath, humanized detail design
  • 3D technology new appearance, more like Bane
  • New paint technology, deluxe articulation & perfect
  • Support customizes painting. Make the color fit your”own Bane”
Bane Mask

Batman Dark Knight Rises

“The Dark Knight Rises” large inclinations of the summer hit, both in form and content. This is a film whose thematic concerns are the same ominous rumble and roar of thunder punch, kick, for aesthetics in terms of size, clean: the intensity booming Hans Zimmer account titanic ominous sign Nolan cityscape glittering skyscrapers and urban landscapes in the desert ruins , the physical and the weight of the military class Batman weapons, gadgets and Batmobile road (and back to the park, the fight against crime, his bat in the air), and the neck and shoulders bulky nemesis Bane (Tom Hardy), a mysterious demon Batman mask Bergin shares of Ra al Ghul (Liam Neeson), a burning desire to see Gotham City. There's nothing a little movie about the appearance of Nolan, who has shamelessly trying monstrosity in his interpretation of the signature symbol of DC Comics, a new director, which was designed as a classic tragic figure of heroism, one of the parties in the same psychological coercion and noble sense of duty call, reason and sacrifice security to protect your home from an onslaught of apocalyptic destruction. The Bane mask also is his symbol.

Replica Bane Mask

In The Dark Knight Rises, takes evil to try in the form of overthrowing the social dynamics, and if The Dark Knight was in fact a political, an allegory about the U.S. attempt to respond to the terrorist fugitive western ignore the traditional rules the war, the last Nolan (written with his brother Jonathan, designed from a story by David S. Goyer) has its roots in the Occupy protest movement and the anti-capitalist ethics. Country Bain comics, linking the transformation of Wayne Industries clean energy in nuclear facilities, which are used to free the prisoners of Gotham class campaign and throw them to be rich in the streets and the "death or exile" trial courts are may include (with Cillian Murphy Scarecrow fun as judge and jury) for metropolitan bumps coward so long oppressed working class. Our website are selling replica Bane mask online, if you adore this movie, want to cosplay Bane, our replica Bane mask will be your best choice!

Description: This video is published by Bane's fans on May 6, 2012; The Bane mask is so vivid when you are wearing! It is suitable for adults. This video to show you effect which is wearing Bane mask!