1. How many days I can receive?

Answer: 5~7 days no accident..To fit Christmas or another festival expedited express, just 2 days.

2. If I do not satisfy this mask, can I replacement? And if you can, how long it is?

Answer: Yes, you can. We deal with it in 10 to 13 days after receiving the returned item.

3. If my credit card payment failed, how can I do?

Answer: If your credit card payment failed, it is possible because bank authorization, or fraud prevention systems. You may change the other payment, just like PayPal. Also you can contact the card issuing bank to check the reason.

4. The mask suitable kids?

Answer: Yes, it is suitable adults and kids.

5. What are the replicas Bane Masks Materials?

Answer: It is made of latex rubber material, support hand wash.

6. How many payment you have?

Answer: Conventional two ways, Credit Card and PayPal.

7. Can you make invoices?

Answer: Yes, we make invoices for customer.