What Kind Of Film Do You Like Most?

What kind of film do you like most? Some people like the comedy films, some people like the adventure films, and some people like the action films, and so on. I think I like the action films most, such as the Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, it really is a great film. I even bought a Bane jacket because of I like Bane in the film.

Why do I like the action films? Maybe they always make me stunning. When I see the action films, I also feel nervous. I’m worried about the protagonist when he is in the trouble; I’m glad when he defeated the enemy. After seeing the Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, the amazing scenes about the film kept in my mind for a long time; it gave me much time to think about the film.

Bane jacket

In addition to see the action films, sometimes I will see other kinds of films, such as the comedy films. Action films always make us stunning, the comedy films always make us pleasant. When I am under the pressure, I will choose the comedy films; they always could make me relaxed.

We could get different things from different kinds of films. They make us happy or sad, even angry. If you could get something from the film, the film should be a good film. From the Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, I learn that Batman is not always right; we could learn many things from the enemy of Bane. In our mind, Batman is the superhero, he couldn’t be wrong, all he does are right, but when the society is changed, we should also change. We should think about the film after we saw it, and then we will get something useful from it.

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