The Villain in Batman – bane’s Wrist guard cosplay costumes

Who is Bane?

Bane escaped from a prison which located in the South American island, he is a super villain. Because of the drugs used on Bane to do the experiment, he changed strong. He is also known as ”that destroyed the batman”, because he had broken the Batman – Bruce, thus forcing the Bruce Wayne had to give up the role of Batman in the recovery period.

bane Wrist guard cosplay costumes

Life in prison in these years, Bane always took a called tactic bear doll, he called his only friend. Osito’s body has a hole, which possession of a knife, use it to defend any want to bully their own people.

Bane once called himself king of the prison, but unfortunately the prison over pressured him to become a test of drug toxic experiment, this experiment has killed a lot of other people, originally nearly cost him his life, but he survived and found that physical strength, although every 12 hours he would have take or else he will suffer because of side effects become particularly weak.

“That had destroyed the Batman” – Bane

After the years Bane escaped from the prison. He wants to do is to destroy Batman, from the time in prison had heard of his story. He is very interested in the city of Goden. He felt there was like a prison, a yield to too many rules and regulations: this place, he thought is in fear of Batman. Bane were believing that Batman had appeared in his childhood dream.

Bane’s decay

When Bane portray themselves as underground crime boss in this city, Bruce Wayne because of his injuries and the Batman this responsibility passed to Jean-Paul Valley. As Batman, Jean-Paul becomes extremely violent, he let the villain Abattoir fall and leads him to death. Jean-Paul also refused to admit that Robin is his companion, and with more advanced technology manufacturing battle suit to replace the traditional Batman costumes. In the ‘ Knight fall ‘ and Bane battle, he cut off the root to Bane brain transfer toxic drugs pipe and insert it into the Bane veins, this lets the Bane suffered heavy losses. Valley gave Bane a weak punch, so he may not die but body fracture.

Now,we provide this bane wrist brace guard cosplay costumes.

Bane Wrist Brace Leather Wrist guard

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