The Super Villain with Bane Mask

America has a lot of high popularity Man villains , they were given a rough life experience of , Live Flesh criminal history , the story of them than even heroic protagonist but also lively and interesting . In recent years, for a comic book superhero movies have been seeking innovative characterization , plus costs, special effects technology ‘s sake, there have been a variety of tricky, do not fly adaptation . Because there is no villain superhero image concern, often become the biggest adaptation, the most innocent guinea pigs.

Among them, the lack of senior cartoon fans caused strong dissatisfaction role settings. For example, The Dark Knight Rises in the long-awaited big villain Bane actually reduced to feeling kind of puppet.


Bain was born in the Caribbean near a prison , he has to use all the resources at hand to train yourself , self , including language , mathematics , philosophy, strategy , including a wealth of knowledge and ongoing brutal physical training , in order to survive space . In a super- soldier transformation plan, Bain injected with a name of “venom “steroids obtained metamorphosis physique. Since then life has been inseparable from the Bane mask. After the escape, he became crippled Batman fight, became well known criminal circles “The Man Who Broke the Bat” (destroy Batman people).

After watching the movie, a lot of Bane fans have begun to purchase from various sources Bane replica mask playing this character, which also swept the Bane of the moment.

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