The Historical Origins of The Mask

The mask is a worldwide, across the ancient and modern cultural phenomenon. It with its long history and wide distribution, morphology rich, deep meaning in the original culture occupies an important position. Also we had known for its vitality and charm peculiar mix of modern folk culture.

As the concept of thinking, it with special physical and chemical form is the nature of the ideographic symbols. It masks are particular nation Belief, taboo ideas, mental awareness, and heritage and reflects the aesthetic sense. Meanwhile, the mask and its rich means of modeling is a unique form of expression to become an integral part of the original art.

CA’MACANA is a traditional Venetian mask production studio, located in the ancient city of Venice. CA’MACANA maintained ancient craftsmanship and the use of raw materials masks and continued down from generation to generation. Crazy horse mask costumes also appear in this unique store.

Creation and production of masks from their own inspiration, and put it all to achieve in a different workflow. CA’MACANA is supply of different styles of masks, the use of a wide variety of decorative materials and colors. Such as, it has the gold, silver, feathers, precious fabrics and leather. It both modern styles, fantasy style while supply has a historic-style Venetian mask. Christmas is approaching, a lot of people in this store to buy some cosplay costumes, greet the arrival of the festival, will turn a carnival day.

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