The Dark Knight Rises Bane Mask Replica Batman Born Cosplay costumes

The Dark Knight Rises Bane Mask Replica Batman Born Cosplay costumes

Batman was born

At the beginning of the birth, Batman beyond a bat suit, essence with the theme of the popular novels to little. He is a hero, was inferior to said is a detective. His story is no color science fiction: a night more than twenty years ago, Gotham City Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha, son Bruce home from a movie, through an alley, the dark muzzle to them…… The night that changed the life of Bruce Wayne. Surviving Bruce is in possession of a large fortune rich childe, but he could not forget the parents were killed. He began to study criminology, travel across Europe, the oriental martial arts, criminal investigation and various training, preparing for his personal war. Finally, in him alone at night, a bat flew gave him the inspiration: as a mortal to him, to deter the enemy. At that time, Batman Begins.

Batman The Dark Knight Rises Bane Mask

Batman The Dark Knight Rises Bane Mask

In the first stage, Batman is also known as Bat-man, soon the middle hyphen was cancelled, and Batman becomes a full official name, not a nickname. At first the Batman also shoots to kill, shortly DC changed his style, coupled with the two principles: never give him a gun, no murder. Over the next few decades, the number of Batman is forced to use firearms can be counted on one’s fingers, and never let a bad death –it makes the enemy of the good chance to the stage again. One of the most famous rival is the clown (Joker), his debut in the first issue of Batman’s exclusive comic “Batman”, one of the most exciting in the world of the comic, for decades has always been popular, even some comic series own. Another enemy earlier appearance of Cabwoman equally famous (Cabwoman), the anti thief and Batman always maintained an ambiguous relationship.

In 1940, more than a boy of Batman assistant Robin (Robin). He called the magic boy (Boy Wonder), not only by the young readers, but also for the unfeeling Batman added elders love side, makes the character more solid. In the later decades, Batman stories were introduced as the father of the old housekeeper, Alfred, a bat woman; mother of Doctor Lesley, Batman’s origin is further perfected. These have greatly enriched the Batman character.

Along with time evolution, different interpretations of the role of Batman have appeared. Not only the image and the equipment have changed, there is a great difference in style. In 30 he was the night of the detective, in 40 he was mild parents, in 50 he in sci-fi adventure, Batman TV series in the late 60′s the aesthetics style exaggeration funny, resulting in the Batman TV series after the end of the decade is still not out of the image. And the 80′s Frank Miller (Frank Miller) wrote a short comic set ”Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns) and”Batman: year” (Batman: Year One), and Tim Burton (Tim Burton) directed the movie’s success, and to make Batman return he originally dull tone. After that the cartoon, reality and limitations of Batman’s enhancement, the enemy will be stronger than before, cunning and madness. His mental trauma is repeatedly stressed, becoming more anxious and lonely, increasingly paranoid and dark.


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