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Batman Movies That Directed by Nolan are so Great

Batman The third part has a perfect ending, really is reluctant, unforgettable stars who Nolan led the congregation to our legend. Textbook “Batman trilogy,” The creation of the track became a landmark, trilogy achieve the perfect fusion of art, technology … Continue reading

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The Dark Knight Rises Bane Mask Replica Batman Born Cosplay costumes

The Dark Knight Rises Bane Mask Replica Batman Born Cosplay costumes Batman was born At the beginning of the birth, Batman beyond a bat suit, essence with the theme of the popular novels to little. He is a hero, was inferior to said is a detective. His story is no color science fiction: a night more than twenty years ago, Gotham City Thomas … Continue reading

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Do You Like to Cosplay Bane in Halloween This Year

Last year, the movie of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises was very popular all over the world. Because of the movie, the Bane mask is loved by many fans of it. The mask became a popular prop in Halloween last … Continue reading

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Batman villains risk index upgrade

Fans waiting on a Hollywood blockbuster, Christopher Nolan Batman Begins trilogy of The Dark Knight Rises final today released in the mainland. The ill-fated ” Batman Begins ” series released in North America last month by shooting cases it become … Continue reading

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