Super Hero’s Three State Batman

Super Hero’s Three State Batman
Any of all the super heroes, there are “prick silk by superpowers, Grosvenor LTD handsome with gear” tradition, they were doing the defend, encouraging people to live. And superhero theme constantly since the advent of the big screen, set off a climax in recent years, their role is not only to provide a steady stream of decaying market vitality, but also proves that the present social demands for heroes of hunger, meet the hero dream of a mass. In the diffuse Settings and world view, is a super hero in the real world of beautiful vision, an almost utopian exist, no matter any hero, once considered him to get the real world, is doomed to be unable to blend in. This problem Nolan was discussed in his batman, even if the person is a billionaire, has all the super heroes behind the support, but the hardware package software will not be able to upgrade, so the hero can only exist in people’s imagination, or there is in a dilemma. Everyone has a heroic dream in the heart, has a hero save the United States, save the country in distress, and people in the dream, is the dream or ideal is hidden in the deep heart’s core, was frozen by the cold world. From the ancient Chinese knight-errant, keen to today’s society, can be called a hero, they all like iron man, spider-man, fighting against the forces of darkness, and never compromise. When it is “no man is a hero, make digital fame”, that makes some unknown grassroots began to rise, but the hero need what kind of ability, the height of the need to do what? The following Nolan’s batman trilogy, for example, analysis of the three heroes. Hour of war ability (force, mind, equipment)

Should say ability is all heroes at the very least need, whether it is a sharp fist kept flying into the super ability, are fighting against the hostile forces of the body. Bruce Wayne to join Wu Ying alliance, practice the fighting capacity of people, by the company of their own research and development, to build their own high-tech weapons, these are common for his SuTi provides to upgrade and strengthen, of course the most important thing is that the hero requires a witty people’s mind and keeping calm personality, these common created a night for fear of the dark forces of a symbol – batman. Ability is necessary to become a super hero, the ability to both the gear and the ultra ability, have a kind of force on the basis of superhuman, this also has to the tradition of hero image. But light force is not enough, those working in liangshan is not a hero, the biggest reason is its political composition is not clean, because the super heroes have to get official recognition, at least to get the support of the masses, after all, they are on the verge of legal ethics, making reasonable illegal police affairs. So only when the sung river harness, batman to positive, all in the name of civil servants, to justify “serve the people”. Heroes do not ask the source, whether a newspaper reporter, high school students, or the big local tyrants, critical moment always has become the brightest star in the night sky in the city. The hero of the most basic ability, embodies in actual combat is against the darkness, to defend the city, and save the nation, all at the same time, the movie hero to the victory of justice over evil beautiful scenes, this is also the hero theme is the development of a bottleneck, so the hero under the powerful ability of self expansion, enjoying the party and the people love, doing the work of a savior, they pull breeze run in each a dangerous zone, any powerful opponent can find chances to win, any dangerous environment can hook. In the war time, it is Bruce Wayne beat his teacher, to protect the safety of gao sen city. This is the kind of hero is the most traditional pattern, it is a kind of typical ability, the greater the responsibility. Until Nolan “the dark knight”, broke the tradition of our familiar heroes. “The dark knight” bear (compromise, concession, tolerance)

Are batman than urban management by spectrum, it is because he can open business in a fair, but the fact proved that light is not enough of a fist, as this year “steel” villain to superman says: you can’t win, every time you save a person, we will kill 1 million people. Super hero’s responsibility is to protect the city, and to protect the life and property safety of mankind, if someone because of their sacrifice in vain, then hero has failed. “The dark knight” is great, is that it changed the law to remain constant, not in the same hero heroic or saving the world, but through a kind of compromise to achieve world peace, how ability is no longer a measure of the super hero, instead of how much is the heart can hold. Bruce Wayne is ordinary SuTi, his ability is too limited, also realized that only by force and mind their own local tyrants identity even can’t make an entire city security, so when the clown this villain, he only after can find another way out. It should be said that “the dark knight,” batman is the core, the clown let the story fascinating, but double talents is to make the movie the nods eyeball pen of sublimation. Harvey dent is one of the traditional hero, he is similar to the Rorschach in the rye, are all eyes will be sand, sworn to fight with the evil forces of guy, so Bruce is discussed in the film. Wayne and Harvey dent the possibility of the two heroes. Hero need is resilient, humiliation, for a city security, even need to bear the unwarranted guilt, even with all the blame, even if victory is built on lies, even from his own principle against their original intention, so batman can undertake any ordinary person can’t bear, this is the hero and the biggest difference. It should be said that the super hero direction is never had before, also demonstrated the hero is not everything. There’s mastercard &visa victory is sometimes need to bear huge losses. When a hero to defend their countries in their own ability to complete, can only be on compromise and bear the losing and repeated round victory lies, DC another hero theme “in the rye is also the theme. See batman the dark society and hopeless, but valuable is not like double-sided people choose to give up, this is the hero of boldness and helpless. “The great man in the world, is that to see the world, but still choose to love people”. Hero must not only be brave and courageous, invincible, but also to be inclusive, 7). The dark knight rises totem (spirit, faith, hope,)

If the super hero has unparalleled capabilities, have inclusive of measurement, then he will eventually in a hero on the path of a legend, but never get officials and populace’s affirmation, will only in drifting away in the dark road. Nolan knows “the dark knight” has touched on the bottom of the super hero, felt the hero the ability of the bottom line, but if there is potential to dig out? Super hero can also have what ordinary people beyond the reach of elements? Although the clown appeared completely broke the original batman all logic, drove the super hero with all sorts of lies to take the blame, but ultimately not against their ultimate principles of homicide. In the dark knight rises, any ability and compromise, in front of the brutal big break the bottleneck of violence with violence is the only way. In order to save the city, batman to kill people, even in the daytime, can not consider all of the so-called principle, this can be called hero paragraph compromises the continuation of the second order, but hero is the ultimate power of these? The film’s RISE is only refers to the batman into killing machines? Nolan in seemingly without a way out to find a perfect way, finally let batman sublimation again, make the whole theme of superhero material for promotion, become a city totem! And ability or bear completely different, whatever the hero has the ability to strong again, never have no corner to protect the city, a person will never be able to complete the task of dealing with the power of the dark, so batman this image to be imprinted in gao sen, become a kind of spirit, inspires ghosn citizens all the time, also let people feel the presence of hope, let everyone has a determination to fight evil forces, the model of the form a universal. Season finale of “the dark knight rises not only sublimate the batman’s image, also with save under the threat of the city to get the name. Who is under the mask is not important, everyone can become a batman, it have some similarities with the “V for vendetta”, also named after the whole series, the main idea of the meaning of the hero got RISE, each to the RISE of a citizen, everyone affected by the batman can become a hero, only if all the citizens of all RISE, the whole city RISE, can thoroughly smash the evil forces. Batman’s body no longer exists, but the soul has been deeply integrated into the city, become a kind of motivation and incentives, he affected everyone, let everyone be a hero, this is the biggest hero, hero is the sublimation of significance.

From a patron saint of the city, to don’t need a patron saint of the city, and finally to everybody is the patron saint of the city, the progress of the whole city is also a great sublimation, Nolan’s three jumpers become a super hero is difficult to reach a peak in the history. The war time, batman this natural umbrella, the masses can unbridled, can dark degraded; “The dark knight” is the best ghosn said no batman ghosn city city, not batman city no crime; The dark knight rises that citizens in the city and there is still room for improvement, let everybody became the patron saint of the city, since then the sublimation of the whole city and everyone in order to be the whole story has an end. This is the meaning of the hero, from the ability to bear, to become a totem, step by step towards the real heroes, while infection everyone become heroes. Superhero theme of basic it stop at the first level, at most be tasted to go deep into the hero inside of struggle and pain, as a result, Nolan’s batman trilogy hero complete explanation, its significance lies not in the ups and downs of the plot, phenomenal characters, but the insight into the souls of the hero inside, tell the world what is a hero. From another perspective, there is no hero, the nearly perfect hero don’t deserve what we have, of course, there is no such a perfect hero. Nolan put a comic hero of one to one in the real world, only his own, or everybody all person’s wishful thinking, produce all kinds of contradictions and the place is a sigh of the society.

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