Bane Mask Batman The Dark Knight Rises: I’m Looking Forward To Worth It

Bane Mask Batman The Dark Knight Rises: I’m Looking Forward To Worth It

It is hard to imagine that there will be such a film, can let I endure more than a month to watch movie reviews related to avoid spoilers, can let me 20 days in advance tickets for the premiere of a promising looking makes me very dusty ran more than 100 km to catch the opening… It is really appeared, the batman: the dark knight rises. When the war time (XiaYing mystery) does not interest me much, because since the childhood contact batman comics, movies, Mr Bolton’s version of batman looked at more than 5 times, Joe schumacher even ruin the batman’s signature, he’s batman, also through the television more than once I have ever seen when exposed to batman again, even some of the aesthetic fatigue. At that time I also keen to Hong Kong, also don’t know what Nolan is a character, until the movie channel when translation “batman begins” the hour of the war, I was attracted by movie tone, even if you don’t like “the dark knight” to be reality, but batman corners really caught my attention. 08 summer “the dark knight”, for the introduction on the mainland, drag drag, until the beginning of 09, I didn’t find the hd version, also just at that moment, my heart has been with the No. 1. Presumably TDK in many fans heart occupies a very important position, the outstanding performance of the heath ledger is there for all to see more, I also not much said. Because of the good level, it was too slow to third “prequel” keep my appetite, such as whole after three years of high school.

I have an appointment with a classmate as early as high school, then must watch TDKR, two years before the convention implementation… There is feeling quite catch the premiere of the night, and into the respective university and also don’t know whether this opportunity to look forward to together in the future. Movie didn’t let us down, nearly three hours no urine, but we all feel after watching the TDK that kind of feeling. Don’t want to be friend of spoilers stop there. Should be to catch up on opening up catch a cold, I go home on a cold fever, improved until yesterday, today the body basic recovery, also want to write something, the memory of the movie, the memory of the youth that is far away. TDKR script is still very serious, there is no obvious worthy of scrutiny, coherent, whole logic is smooth, well worth our years of looking forward to. On the plot also undertake part of the first two, but the other two to the movie with before but haven’t seen friends accepted without pressure. As a superhero movies, so dramatic conflicts are excellent.

About a month ago I wrote “private summer classic superheroes 】 a casserole” in also have comments about an earlier version of batman, batman adaptation of the film and television play dates back to the 1940 s, 90 s contributed to a new round of Tim burton batman hot, results for various reasons, the craze not written down by burton, guide to Joe schumacher’s hand, batman is ended… To restart the war time, for the past eight years. “Batman begins” makes sense, before the target until the end of the TDKR, Robin did not appear, that also means that this new trilogy set up before Robin become Batman’s partner, called a prequel is not too much. Until TDKR story, from the end of the TDK has in the past eight years, then known as the “prequel” is inappropriate, and a rare with the introduction of the “batman: the dark knight rises translation, at least, than I” night uprising “god, I feel or the name appropriate. The level of the film is relatively clear, simply can be expressed as: the rise and fall to rise again, the ending (which was? Not necessarily), compared with the same “the dark knight” that kind of carefree, the ups and downs in the plot twists of is another kind of feeling. Before, to learn then I expect that the villain is bain plot, probably in the cartoon batman has been bain broken spine caused hemiplegia, so rich dramatic plot not moved but not in the movie.

For cat woman set is not the boss that fierce life setting, one is a pretty female thief, tight shirt, “” cat ears down but it is the design of goggles fits the catwoman in the cartoon image. Finally catwoman serena and Wayne together, is happy. Flying bats, turn cool bat motorcycle became to watch movie special effects, in addition to read the special effects are limited to explosion, Nolan, after all, is the director of a storytelling, unlike Michael bay’s special packing. To see batman and bain melee, is to fall into the meat, but much as look at a variety of martial arts, action, martial arts films of the domestic audience, I was watching the fighting scenes in the batman is very real, typing is really works, not in the domestic leading role playing the undead, a dozen ten batman still have to use weapons, but also because such a real, Nolan’s version of batman legend and exaggerated in the cartoon. In larger Wayne’s inner change, combined with vocal music, enough to give the audience left a deep impression, I went with a friend because of leakage for a lens, in the end still remember deep well by the prisoners in prison… The end finally the reversal of the plot and the application of montage is Nolan’s beyond all but this reversal of bedding too obvious, Wayne trapped cage told a little kid flee the scene, also learned that the prison doctor along with all the offended bain, make it leave the mask on the face, Wayne with listening may imperceptibly, but the camera sold bain’s identity in the movie, if bain youth escape, how can become adult put the mask on injured in prison? Facilities set in the movie is guide the audience to take the child as bain, but the camera flash, I have already found bain or have help, or simply flip a fiend, just didn’t think master ninja child is a girl, Miranda is…

Result set is quite satisfactory, Batman received reverence for all the citizens of Gotham, Wayne not dead was in Barcelona and serena, Joseph became Robin, Robin into the bat cave finally, be inherited the mantle of Batman? Familiar with batman’s friends should be able to think of, several generations of Robin is always appear as batman’s assistant, the first generation of Robin came to bat cave, batman is secluded mountain forest? The ending too big imagination space to the audience. Some people like a little dark ending, the last Wayne and serena a glimpse as nosering, fantasy, think batman really attainment; Some slightly optimistic, think batman seclusion, Robin inheritance hero will… For me, more optimistic, batman will never disappear, Robin came also, justice league has been on the agenda, undertake Nolan version or new restart, batman will also appear on the screen, then is what situation, are also worth waiting for.

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