Batman’s enemy – Bane and his mask costume

Batman’s enemy – Bane and his mask costume
[Bane] known as the destroyer or poisonous king, made in 1993, immediately started visibility! After almost no Batman comic fans don’t know him!
Bane [destroyer] by [blue] creates Feibirui.
<Knight Fall> [Black Knight fall] this series is [O'Neill] editor at that time, in order to study the image of hero and explore the cartoon skill experiment. The story of two years, a total of 71 volumes. The story just to [the destroyer] was defeated, but then went on: <Knight Quest> and <Knights End> and <Knight Saga> development, and nearly 20 titles serialized, now is probably the longest single line story batman.
Central villain of this series is [] is [the destroyer, screenwriter Bireme Reagan], [] is the destroyer [Santa Price] felons isolation prison inmates. The prison in the sea off the Gotham City uninhabited island, like Alcatraz Island.
BANE is on the island of felons! He was due to take his father’s guilt in prison, there is speculation that he is because when I was very young because of murder in prison. (But according to the official website he is from replace father charges…)
One is 20~30 years, so he was brought up in the prison, he has to kill other stronger than his prisoners in prison at the age of eight. While in prison, he learns everything through books, and also continues to exercise their bodies. When he grew up, he constantly from newspapers and magazines and news media to see batman. While in prison there are many defeated by Batman criminals in Batman, true to like to describe, and BANE began to meet this so-called criminals.
When he was training to a peak, he began to plan escapes. At this time, the military need volunteers for chemical experiment of human body. It is a medicine for military use physical enhancement, BANE volunteer. He uses the state of suspended animation, from the experiment, super strength and experimental obtained and 3 other experimenters to escape from prison.
Escape from prison, BANE arrived in Gotham city. He began to collect all data of Batman, and Batman action quietly observe. Finally, according to his reasoning found [] is [Bruce Wayne] batman!
BANE first break [Yakima], will all the Batman foes are put out, he looked at his one beat them. Then, he appeared.
The story said, when Batman just cold, strong body to all enemies caught [Yakima]. At this time BANE, Batman: after several rounds against [] is [the destroyer, the destroyer to wrestling style of close combat, interrupted the spine, hemiplegic.
Robin was rescued by Batman, had to seek emergency successor, Robin is not the destroyer] opponent. So, Wayne find < death we still, Paul Whaley], also known as [Aura] as a temporary Batman against [the destroyer. < > Haul to death bat suit a substantial transformation, become quite aggressive armor styles, plus his occupation killer. I will [] beat the destroyer! And just as he was about to kill it [the destroyer], but Robin stopped him! Because Batman is not!
Later the story evolved into [Batman] battle [Aura] it until the next introduction [death] to discuss, and [death] and [count] also has relevance, later clasps.
In the later in the story, the destroyer] and [the mad hatter The Riddle] is a secret, but Lou Binna found Batman and Wayne also disappeared, and Lenovo. He sought to Superman disguised as Batman, and down [the destroyer! (Strange?) Start does not have? Robin is clever than Batman @_@)
In short, the destroyer of [appear] to become Batman a turn sound, has also become an important works an important ideology does not kill the Batman []. And the United States of America hero almost [not kill] under the table surface, there will be presentations.
[] the destroyer of both intelligent and courageous, and almost destroyed the first Batman’s qualifications, so he is play a decisive role in Batman villain. In fourth, it became a low-energy bodyguard, so many fans! Because at that time, BANE images in the US trailers and posters, one can imagine the extent of expectations.
At present, the destroyer and [count] is allied, lurking outside Gotham City, quietly waiting for the emergence of the next, is a potential crisis of batman!
Classic lines: [I AM THE B. A. N. E...!] (… You’re quite right. )
At present the main record:
Batman also let him hemiplegic!!

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