Batman Trilogy Are the Greatest Movies in Hollywood

Batman trilogy can be the great movies, which are as great as the TheLordoftheRings trilogy. Batman trilogy are without mediocre and superficial, we could learn something useful from them. In fact, we should thank for Nolan, the director of the movies. We could know more about Batman because Nolan put the Batman from comic book to the movie. Nolan used his amazing talent to complete The Dark Knight Rises after The Dark Knight disappeared in the darkness for 7 years. In The Dark Knight Rises, we could know more about Nolan, but also know more about the superhero Batman. Of course, you would know the biggest enemy of Batman; he was Bane, who was a man with the Bane mask.


In Nolan’s Batman trilogy, we could see good and evil, the discussion of struggle between the ideal and the reality. That’s no doubt that Wayne is an idealist. When he faced the ugly reality, he was down again and again, but he got up again and again. From time to time, he knew more about the real world system, the legal and the democratic, all of them are vulnerable, but he was still holding the faith of the ideal. No matter how better weapons and how amount assets Wayne owned, he was always the most lonely one in Gotham, because he assumed the responsibility of the savior. Alfred hoped Wayne to be an ordinary person, not a savior, but Wayne chose the latter.

In my mind, Batman represented a belief, people will die, faith will not die, and faith is the foundation of the entire civilization. It impressed me that the Batman trilogy not only emphasized the spirit of faith, but also told us the self-reflection and anxiety about the western civilization, while this latter is the most important reason why the Batman trilogy are so great.

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