Batman Is a Special Hero in Hero Films

That’s no doubt that Batman: The Dark Knight Rises is a successful film. Nolan gave us many wonderful scenes in it. When we see the film, we can feel that Nolan is a great director.

Bane suit
In the film, we know Batman is not like other heroes. Other heroes are admired and loved by many people, but only Batman has something difference! We know that Batman is rich and handsome, he could only enjoy his life, but in order to the happiness of Gotham City’s people, Batman lost a lot of things, including his lover, his wealth, and almost his own life. But not all the Gotham City’s people understood what Batman has done; they thought he was not the hero anymore.

Nolan is very good to tell us the weakness of human. In Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, the scene on the football field could confirm the truth of this. Because of the threat of the atomic bomb, all the people in Gotham City went crazy. They thought only the rich are died; they could obtain freedom, or simply wanted to kill those wealthy to ease their cowardice and fear. From the film, we could see the weakness of human; it gave us much space for imagination. I think it is the reason why it is better than other hero films.

In addition to Batman, we should not ignore the enemy of him, the man with the Bane suit called Bane. In the film, the actor of Bane has an excellent performance, which makes the film more outstanding.

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