Bane More Compelling than Batman

Say “Look hero Marvel, DC to see the villain,” Heath Ledger’s Joker. Not only corroborated this statement, but also pull up a highly villain, villains more compelling than Batman itself. In the world of Batman, Bane cosplay became the focus of the crowd. Talk about the bizarre , often encounter other alien superhero or variation in Gotham City does not exist , the villain ‘s charm lies not in shape and more cool , how many super powers , but rather focus on the villain as a mortal on intelligence and personality, which is good character portrayed Nolan is a good platform to play .

Has become a classic clown, Joker costume for men has become a classic costume. Tom Hardy played by Alexander Bane destined pressure. From the view of the entire film, even though Bane defeated Batman from the body, and know the true identity of Batman, still cannot overcome neurotic clown.

Fortunately, the clown did not exhaustive Nolan charm ability to shape the villain, Bane inherited clown style of doing things in some respects, the identity of the military commission some Bane bolder, with rigid military style correspondingly also come up with a devastating disaster, as developed brains and muscles. But Nolan did not build Bane – even in the last chicken playing the old routine substitution of hidden killer – because the clown cannot go beyond a fact.

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