Bane Mask: The Dark Knight Rise Slice Mentality Decided to Pleasure

Bane Mask: The Dark Knight Rise Slice Mentality Decided to Pleasure

Think Nolan’s three fans of batman is the godfather of the era, as the inception bow down to Nolan IQ person also many, if looking leads the word is true, the world will be more than several hundred million head wait TDKR giraffe, especially no pleasure into theaters to watch the TDK mainland fans. In the face of a this year’s most high-profile blockbusters, the most sorrowful is seriously the ticket but can’t see somebody else’s mouth. To blogger, don’t listen to what “is a masterpiece of god”, “depressing” for up to one hour, “the dog blood the last ten minutes,” the review again for the first two sets, easy to slice and thickness are choking feeling, style and serious dark colour, alluding to the financial crisis under the class contradictions, Wayne’s pain and fear, sacrifice and save more moving, and if it is series fans, end of harmony and the return of the echo is enough to complete a nose acid. If you define a superhero that Nolan is reality and burn synonymous with brain, and complain about TDKR in the scene, creative and leave a conversation not as crazy as TDK, injection and sublimation of emotion is enough to make up for. Moral reality again also could not escape deep superhero commercial category, everyone is a hero of the mainstream values need to believe that it is good.

Nolan film for bloggers, is the significance of the inception before never value on a movie ticket, see TDK never thought before going to see a movie with a serious and mature attitude, didn’t also obsessed with line of narrative too much. The dark knight trilogy close contact with reality is truly sent back, his personal style completely changed the fans on the super hero will young joy concept, superhero reality into him to win the world the most powerful director trust capital. As to worship IMAX abandon bad 3 d, with highly interactive of viral marketing, Nolan’s standard is to measure whether “the movie is confident commercial” not two benchmark. Nolan in a series of visual feast and mind to prove their knowledgeable, finished product deeply reflects the director the outline of the effect of the brain. Nolan’s many professional or after writing a play of film critics like to use words such as “cold” dark, generation of spiritual totem by his dark cold paint finish.

Nolan for more than an hour before using the matting batman’s decline has profound meaning. Died because of Heath demon possessed the acting and TDK raises the wonders of the narrative in the clown, the audience has blurred the Heath of the real world with the film, batman and Joker main difficult points. Or the end of the hero trying to stand up from failure, the sacrifice of self and the theme of the mainstream values inspire the sense of justice, but batman was a veteran of the mental body of tribulation, ultimate BeiZhuangGan arises spontaneously. The beginning of a comic strip, government corruption, anarchy and extremism has been accompanied by Gotham, TDKR and cultivating out class contradictions, although hyperbole is in the middle of the status quo, the veterans to save is a good and evil city upside down, the heart rebellion to an unprecedented height. Face that read, “I am a mystery” of stopping cerf and dia, good and evil one catwoman, bain squeezed his eyebrow, and soy sauce scarecrow, Wayne to cope with more ruthless enemy. These weren’t enough, wellhead prison seems to be dying hero appreciate their city destroyed while die live the coffin. Everything is ready, just waiting for a hero under its mountains rise again. Conclusion must return to give priority to with batman’s dramatic narrative. As for piece of batman fearless sacrifice again at the end of the behavior and the replacement of the protagonists war, personally think that can avoid the traditional curtain call of the group of high mould have been rare, Nolan TDK, after all over, and sometimes the fans need to be a complete replacement. Nolan for ending left alive, which has a new idea “ecomax” people dare to Nolan sticks have to continue this series.

Performance, Nolan’s realism, of course, need to remove exaggeration, overly dramatic catwoman, but hathaway enchanting sexy catwoman identity, no predecessors that night cat characteristics, opposite independence and the milk of human kindness. Didn’t even mention the word “Catwoman in the film, if you want to put the TDKR selena and Catwoman, cunning and mysterious characteristics of selfishness is elegant and sexy really similar to the cat. Saw before one hour before “selena is seasoning and existence”, personally think that there is no one hour before loose problem, don’t need which role to regulate, and selena from as bain pistol bullet to turn over a new leaf on free will and behavior, is one of the most complete three roles TDKR, hathaway was lucky enough to occupy a large play space, mysterious cold selfish and later the human struggle are excellent. Rise while waiting for the same paragraph there is a lot of play space batman master Wayne, Christian bale, did not see He Changjin with acting, there also have bloggers have been factors for bear don’t catch a cold.

With the impact and the Joker is indeed some gap, because he is not… (don’t say no spoilers), TDK read the most is the role of the Joker and it is also a TDKR seems less TDK evocative reason like that. Have seen the film have to say that Tom hardy is doing his best, the whole face is blocked by two-thirds, by flirt can achieve the result that now is not easy, soup and old wet eyes control abnormal precision, vicious rogue anger and grief at the end of the piece is wonderful, in can’t use expressions to convey feelings limit to complete the task well. As for the problem of sound was crazy vomit slot, personal feel not weaken character charm, but help its aura contributed to terror, soup and old wet in the paragraph on the pitch to citizen propaganda appropriate hissing sound, is a delicate watch TDK spooked Heath feeling is back. Soup old wet to play the bain has a lot of fat, but with batman melee is not very good, believe in Nolan and film design professional considerations. Remember the clown is to rely on too many things to see amazing plot layout, the layout of the bain focused on several big scene, two twins villain’s plot is like learning to walk, eldest brother learn to parents very happy, old two go up little surprise. Two new original roles, said Marion cotillard spoiler not easily, see the performance alone, though this role is a complex but not many can play scenes, shadow play is a piece of cake later. Town, by the same token, the role of identity has a surprise but show no surprise. Gordon, the half lying on the bed half sets in the coaster cardiac life, like freeman old fox grandpa flooded make people love dearly. See Alfred to Wayne a play my eyes could not help but cry sweat, on the one hand, to plot, more important is the next time you see the three old guys gather together into a film qualifications. Finish see TDKR inner sweet feeling get the upper hand, Wayne logistics were trio has great credit. As the judge the scarecrow, appear in the photos of eckhart, even a glimpse of uncle across time and space, have to exclamation Nolan really too good, to the fans the last episode the collections of the whole, for Heath sorry again, if he will come back in the clown must also… (ㄒ o ㄒ)

The greatest movie soundtrack master Hans Zimmer, one of the TDK Nolan trilogy progressed, he several times cooperation with Nolan hear today don’t recognize innovation and surprise, but he is still indispensable guiding light to lead the audience into the Nolan dark world, and even lay film tone is likely to affect Nolan. Electronic music playing from Zimmer is popular movie soundtrack master a walk in the front, from the first episode begins with double notes manufacturing suspense atmosphere effect is surprisingly good, the later TDK, inception to the TDKR all use the restless noise extremely exciting mode, are worried that a heart attack while could not help but to listen, stimulates adrenalin does not lose the superhero atmosphere at the same time, the less the other a soundtrack master James Newton Howard assisted, crisis oppressive feeling of heaviness without “.

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