Bane Mask Replica: Why Should See TDKR with IMAX Version

Bane Mask Replica: Why Should See TDKR with IMAX Version

Development of filmmaking technology makes film screening technology is innovation. Throughout the history of cinema, from silent to sound, from black and white to color, every movie technological innovation have become a milestone. And the most mainstream film screening format is divided into three: 2D, 3D, IMAX. Which includes IMAX IMAX 2D, IMAX3D. The difference between 2D and 3D movies movies everyone must understand, and IMAX is not so well known by the public, where the popularity of it.

Bane Full Suit

IMAX, namely Image Maximum acronym, literal translation is meant to maximize the image, is a way to show the film than the traditional larger and higher resolution movie projection systems. The entire system, including the movie filmed in IMAX copy specifications, projector, sound system, screen and so on. Standard IMAX screen is 22 meters wide and 16 meters high. In plain words of that, IMAX mean more lenient, clearer movie screen. Resolution movie screen, similar to the resolution of the phone screen, the higher it means the sharper the image. We usually at the cinema, normal 2D screen, the maximum is 2K resolution, and ordinary 3D screen, the resolution will be lower than 2K. The IMAX screen, digital IMAX has a resolution of up to 6K, is three times the normal screen. Here, I would like to emphasize that the film IMAX screen, it has amazing resolution of up to 8K.

For as “The Dark Knight Rises” Invest $ 250 million of Warner Brothers, if they shoot 3D Nolan recommendations to compromise, and that the company’s senior absolute good mood. Nolan stubborn enough, under his insistence, “The Dark Knight Rises,” after all useless 3D shoot from. Nolan explained this way: “If I use the words of 3D shooting, the company will be very happy, but I want to establish a high-quality IMAX screen, allowing viewers to see the most shocking video,” The Dark Knight Rises “has operatic texture must IMAX. stereo imaging size is too small, very limited in effect, and “3D” the word also has some misleading because 3D meaning that it is three-dimensional in photography, each viewer will have an independent perspective, it is more suitable for video games or other engender a sense of substitution technique, but for movie audiences something difficult to have close to three-dimensional force, I still prefer the big screen, looking up at a huge screen, will feel larger than life image is also ambitious, while 3D images look smaller, as if in front of a small window, that is not fun and I think IMAX is the best movie format, is to make any other technology to shame the golden Rule. whenever I see the shooting and screening with digital technology out of the picture, the kind of visual effects to be much less than the film or IMAX. people gradually abandoned the film, to give 2D movie, it would be a shame movie history the film’s quality is unsurpassed digital images, it has the widest color gamut, highest resolution, with the film is really a film shoot movies, but now no one cares about the advantages of the film, everyone started using a digital camera, because it is cheap, the economy is very cost-effective, but for a movie, the numbers are not the best choice, for the visual experience of the audience, the figures also not the best choice. “Nolan said, Wall Street wars that scene mobilized more than a thousand extras, I can assure you that you can see everyone’s face on the IMAX screen! We have no doubt that his prophecy will be hundred percent realized that he would prove to the audience with a stunning visual spectacle incomparable, IMAX is truly a golden rule making movies. 65mm IMAX film cameras is by far the best 2D camera, 70mm IMAX film is by far the best film screenings format, and “The Dark Knight Rises,” along with these two conditions! Visible, his visual effects will be tough and to what extent. Absolutely beyond your imagination! With the so-called digital 3D cinema contrast, the real film IMAX 2D movies, extremely fast hardware is absolute! Experience is the best quality king! So, if you have a choice, do not miss “The Dark Knight Rises” 70mm film IMAX version!

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