Bane Mask In a Few Words Grow Dark Knight Memo

Bane Mask In a Few Words Grow Dark Knight Memo

Any film is a collective work of achievement, in addition to the film, participate in the creation of the charm of each process is also full of creativity, this is why I am afraid, the cause of the film art design rally has become more and more popular, with these wonderful designs and work, we appreciate the behind a light work by countless people. The Art and Making of “The Dark Knight Trilogy (The Art and Making of The Dark Knight Trilogy), is undoubtedly The Christopher Nolan and production team, leave a memorandum for The growth of batman, saw a familiar how The DC comics hero is tempered. In The addicted to The vivid and detailed materials information at The same time, people had to admire Nolan and his team work, especially The latest “batman 3: The Rise of The Dark Knight” (” The Dark Knight Rise) set, some of The important basic were to shy away from The book, only after watching The film, will understand this manuscript design, and Nolan team on The work of propaganda of ingenious ways.

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