Advantage about What I Have Seen Batman Film

1) View shadow, like most Nolan fans, with the worship of “the Dark Knight”, full of expectations and a few friends together into the cinema. At the beginning of the story is quite attractive, good design, first appeared in Bane cosplay, cold, clear purpose, capable, have to say this fight in the cabin and escape a “stolen dream space” feeling. Can say, such a beginning, enough to hoist the appetite, paving the way for the later development.
2) Cabwoman debut also let I this Indoors man or other grass root with adrenalin opportunity. I say, Anne Hathaway’s maid and the lady killer dress temptation, too sexy! But after some training, Hathaway Lungful skill or something really good, not like the domestically produced piece that cosmetic female star in there like a fool like Exposé, chock. The fight scene can also reflect Cabwoman be trained with regularity and the potential for bad noble temperament.

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3) Michael Kane and Morgan Freeman is I’m quite fond of old actor, of course also include Sean Connelly, Anthony Hopi? Pacing, Robert? Deniro, Gary? Old man and so on… these outstanding older actors can use a look or is an expression can play the incomparable, this time accumulation young people also cannot match. The old house keeper, very good, very sensational, the poignant story of super hero unknown, pocketed the tears, but a little hypocritical, overall is good. Old Morgan in this performance is average, nothing special, may have little space plot design let him play, can only be satisfactory. Two gold leaves in the film are not injured or leave, let me very touched place, was there, and much work is not practical, after all, like clean? Bane coat costume and Eastwood more than 80 years old is still active in fewer screens before the old actor, so pale. Let young people wind play.
4) Robin Hood was one of the highlights of this movie. I don’t know much about hero, my friend said to me, Robin Hood’s birth is the orphan, but in the film that grew up in the Batman funded orphanage, conditions need to be verified, the better friends can also talk to me. The young blood, Toshio, and March forward courageously, is USA movies are always image, Gordon? In the above character, seems quite good. The Secretary of the Gordon is injured, small detective exposure rate quite high, looks like Batman’s lone hero, the key depends on the individual soldier combat forces, say no to the forces of evil. Robin hood a lot of exposure may also pave the way for the later series, after all, in the film adaptation of the comic book hero USA proportion is very large.
5) played Oscar winner Marengo Die is also quite stunning, the beauty of a woman is revealed undoubted, acting skills is enough, just right, the last counterattack also let a person shine at the moment, thanks to the writer of the arrangement. The film follows a lot of Nolan’s own, a lot of people appeared in “Inception”, the actor Dou Ting good, the definition can be a very good interpretation of the role of.
6) Said the actor, as the music and the scene. Hans Zimmer Nolan’s old partner,
Music is a great, big style, to create a key plot tension. Batman the aircraft up that vacuum control well, with a nuclear bomb is sophisticated, shots also give to the Gordon director, for mercy, Batman to die, and the world lost a great hero of the people. The market after the car is very good, especially the fancy motto, too much, then turn and turn really call enjoyable. In addition, the movie like graphics like bats fighter is very cool, I sat there didn’t want to work for Cabwoman earthquake thoughts? Blasting the football field and the bridge is also good, of course, also can’t forget the first hijacking scene.

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